Surfer Girl UKULELE Chords

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G    C E7 A7 D7 Ddim7 D7

G                        C   E7 A7
I got dropped in on by a surfer girl

A7                                  D7 Ddim7 D7
Right as I was shootin' through the curl

    Am                Dm
The barrel started to dump

G          Bm      E7
I pumped but I had to jump

A7                                     D7 Ddim7 Daug
Leash of a surfer girl tangled up with me

G                        C E7   A7
I fell in love with that surfer babe

A7                            D7 Ddim7 D7
I finally caught that perfect wave

   Am                Cm
Tan skin and stoke for days

          G    Bm      E7
Don't need Hawaii to get lei'd

A7                                 D7 Ddim7 Daug
She's refreshin' as summertime lemonade

Oo got that mid-tide,.. outside,.. south swell breakin'

With my ride or die girl and I good vibe makin'

She's cute but don't you be mistaken

         D7         Ddim7      Daug
For some sunbathin' beach babe out there fakin'

G                        C E7   A7
I fell in love with that surfer girl

A7                   D7 Ddim7 D7

    Am                Cm
Tan skin and stoke for days

          G      Bm    E7
Don't need Hawaii to get lei'd

A7                                  D7 Ddim7   D#aug
Pass me some of that summertime lemonade

Oo her nose ride is neat but her bottom turn's better

Jack Johnson on repeat 'cause we're "Better Together"

Lay out,.. turn over,.. and show a little crack

    D#7                         D#dim7          D#aug
Then pass the sunscreen 'cause you know I got your back

My surfer girl
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Published : 2017-07-20 11:12:11

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