Falling Out Chords

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Am       Dm                Am
I recall a time when we were lovers
            Dm       Am
Before you I hadn't any other
            C             Am
But when the bad times came along
Dm                Am
I turned and you had gone
       G                        Am
From the start I loved you, I was wrong

Falling out
Its the end
      Dm             Am
May as well have never been
The cards are up
                        E G E
The chips are all cashed in
You wont see me again
       Dm            Am
Dont consider me your friend
       G                      Am
Falling out, look away, its the end

Am                Dm            Am
Always thought of you as my big brother
             Dm                  Am
Never knew we couldn't trust each other
    C            Am
Two faces I could see,
      Dm            Am
As you shook my money tree
          G                      Am
Theres no more you and me let it be
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Published : 2017-07-02 07:46:20

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