As The Day Wears On Chords

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( Intro )
F Eb Bb

( Verse 1 )
Bb                     Eb                Bb
Right now he's looking for his pants and socks.
Bb                      Eb             Bb
Can't find the car keys on the dresser top.
He'll spill his milk and leave it in the kitchen
          F                  Eb               Bb
And as the day wears on he'll miss me more and more.

( Verse 2 )
      F                              Bb       C
He'll go to work without a kiss from'll cross
his mind he said I'd never leave.
   Bb               Eb               Bb
Forget his coat and catch a death of cold.
          F                  Eb               Bb
And as the day wears on he'll miss me more and more.

( Interlude )
Bb F Eb Bb

( VErse 3 )
      Bb                Eb               Bb
He'll tell the guys he's bothered, not at all..then drink
             Eb               Bb
his lunch so he won't have to call.
      Eb                                 Bb
He'll tell himself I'm home like the day before.
          F                  Eb                Bb
But as the day wears on he'll doubt it more and more.

( Verse 4 )
Bb                               Eb       Bb
He'll come home to a house that's dark and quiet, and have to
    Eb                Bb
face another sleepless night.
      Eb                            Bb                F
He'll watch TV and read and walk the floor, and as the day
               Eb               Bb
wears on he'll miss me more and more.

( Verse 5 )
    F                                  Bb         C
And then he'll phone and ask me to come home..that things have
gone to pieces cause I'm gone.
    Bb            Eb             Bb                F
His phone call is all I'm waiting for, cause as the day wears
       Eb                Bb
on I'll miss him more and more.

( Outro )
             F                Eb                Bb
Cause as the day wears on I'll miss him more and more.
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Published : 2017-05-29 02:37:04

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