Gloom Cruise Chords

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Released: 2017

[Verse 1 :]
D Dmaj7            G          Gmaj7
I    haven't been excited in a while
             D          F#m                         Em
no how could I feel young passing through storms like this?
Lived the dream, woke up tired
          D Dmaj7                      G            Gmaj7
and lately I    have been working on the perfect lulluby
to sing you when you die
      F#m                      G
but i can't finish the cursed final verse so take your time now

[Solo 1 x2 :] D Dmaj7 G

[Verse 2 :]
            D    Dmaj7                  G          Gmaj7
Cause I'm in love    with everything and everyone so much that it hurts and
D                  F#m            G
I volunteer as the one to pave the path of least resistance and carry the burden
          D                            Dmaj7
of all the sadness, grief, stress, and malevolence
G                Gmaj7                  D                            F#m
I will harbor them all because I want you to believe there' magic left in the world
Ya for you I will take the gloom cruise all alone...

[Solo 2 :]
D Dmaj7 G
D Dmaj7 Em F#m G A

[Bridge :]
    G             A                  F#m            G
But no, despite it all, we'll make it outside as the walls cave in
D             Bm             C                        A
emerge in the early morning to laugh in the face of the yawning abyss
    D          A             F#m             G
and O forgotten saint, what I'd give to see that spark back in you
D                   Bm                  C
so I will carry your pain and watch from afar
queit and stoic

I'll be there

[Outro :] G
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Published : 2017-09-22 05:17:21

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Author : Joni Phonsen
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Gloom Cruise
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