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[Verse 1]~
G                       Bm               G           Bm
Hundreds of eyes in the room but yours found mine

Am                         C                     Am       D
I asked you to dance and by chance our hands intertwined

     G                  Bm               Am       C
What lasted for minutes seemed like eternity

D                       C           D           G
I had no clue this one dance would lead you to me

[Verse 2]~
G                          Bm                         G         Bm
Hundreds of friends in the room and you're dressed in white

   Am                        C                         Am        D
You walk down the aisle and I smile to know that you're mine

   G                       Bm                     Am      C
We cheers our champagne and wait for our song to begin

   D                           C         D            G
The band starts to play and you ask me to dance once again

[Verse 3]~
G                          Bm               G         Bm
Fifty-nine years have gone by since you said yes

    Am                   C                       Am        D
Even now in your hospital bed you still look your best

G                    Bm                            Am     C
We might be old but there's still one thing we can do

D                        C       D              G
Put on a song,.. let's pretend to dance round the room

C Em C Em
C Em C D

[Verse 4]~
G                           Bm                G         Bm
Thirty-five hours have gone by since your last breath

Am                       C                  Am         D
Memories of dancing with you are all I have left

G                     Bm                  Am      C
Just a few seconds before it's my time to go

D                     C       D         G
Hello my guard and my love at last I am home

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