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[Verse :]
      D              A              F#m        G
I feel cold and i feel empty Yet and still im full of life
  D              A                F#m            G
Alone in crowded places but ill always see the light
    D            A            F#m                  G
Clouded up with thought and emptiness and all this fear
            A              Em
........Come on round my darlin
                  G              D  Dmaj7  A  Asus4  D
          youre my baby your my dear
    D            A                F#m          G
Even with these feelings they are false and indirect
  D                A            F#m                    G
As i sit in lonesome sorrow and the tears stream down my neck
    D                A              F#m                G
If someone please could come and just show me how to steer
            A              Em
        Come on round my darlin
                  G            D    Dmaj7  A    Asus4    D
          youre my baby your my dear
  D              A              F#m              G
I cant see the picture it keeps coming round in blurs
  D                      A                  F#m                    G
My minds not filled with thoughts of mine It runs with thoughts of her
D          A                  F#m              G
Maybe if i write the words the picture will appear
        A                Em
........Come on round my darlin
                G              D    Dmaj7  A    Asus4    D
        youre my baby your my dear
  D          A            F#m            G
Everything i try to speak sounds so damn obscure
  D            A          F#m              G
Someone find me medicine i need some kind of cure
D              A              F#m                G
Mary jane can speak to me ive got it all right here
            A              Em
          So cmon round my darlin
                    G            D    Dmaj7    A    Asus4    D
          Youre my baby youre my dear
  F#m        G          C      Bm            C#m      F#m
My mind is choked with words you spoke that I will never hear

      F#m          G      C      Bm          C#m            F#m
My eyes are broke i need a toke of something crystal clear
                A                  Em
................So cmon round my darlin
                            G            D    Dmaj7    A    Asus4    D
                Youre my baby youre my dear
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Published : 2017-10-16 09:54:28

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