Rock Salt And Nails Acoustic Chords

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G Cadd9

G                    Cadd9 G                        Cadd9 G
By the banks of the river where the willows hang down
G                  Em7  Cadd9                    G Cadd9
And wild birds they warble with a low moaning sound
G          Em7 Cadd9                      G Cadd9
Down in the hollow where the waters run cold
G                    F      C/G                  G
It was there I first listened to the lies that you told

G                  C G                        C G
Now I lie on my back and I see your sweet face
          Em      C          G
The past I remember time can't erase
                    Em      C                    G    C G
And the letters you wrote me they were written in shame
                    F          C/G            G    C G
And I know that your conscience still echoes my name

G                              C G                            C G
Now if the ladies were blackbirds and the ladies were thrushes
                  Em    C                  G      C G
I’d lie there for hours in the chilly cold marshes
                  Em        C              G    C G
If the ladies were squirrels with high bushy tails
              F      C/G                G    C G
I’d fill up my shotgun with rock salt and nails
              F      C/G                G    C G
I’d fill up my shotgun with rock salt and nails
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Published : 2017-07-04 17:47:34

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