[Verse 1 :]
I was out of my mind the first night we met
I was feeling lonely and blue

I'd just moved to the country to get me some rest
The city can put a hurtin' on you

Especially a fella from eastern Kentucky
Without a penny or a worth to his name
Wasting his life on a burnin' desire
    B                      E
And chasing that honky tonk flame

[Verse 2 :]
You were soft on the eyes and a Hymn on the hearing
Leaving me helpless of lines

To get you to listen to the way I was feelin'
And the plans I had made for our night

Hold on now buddy won't ya wait up a minute
You're mistaken if you think I'm the same
As them skirts you've been chasin' all over town
    B                      E
Along with that honky tonk flame

[Chorus 1 :]
A                  D      E
I'm a woman with a love so true
Truth of the matter I'd give it to you
                      E                      A
You just got to slow down, quit actin' that way
B                                    E
Burnin' your barn in this honky tonk flame

[Verse 3 :]
You were sweet to the touch

And a touch for the takin'
The minute I learned how to breathe

Finally found out that the love of a woman
Who loved me was all that I'd need

Still on the road cause I ain't good for nothin'
Except writing the songs that I sing
Beating them strings like they're owing me money
    B                      E
And chasing that honky tonk flame

[Chorus 2 :]
                A            D      E
But I got me a woman with a love so true
Darlin' to me but that's missus to you
                    E                  A
All I did was slow down and quit actin' insane
B                                    E
Burnin' my barn in this honky tonk flame
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