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no capo!
Twenty Cdollars out of mama's pFurse bought us a Ctank of gas
And some red man tobFacco when we was just Cteenage kidGs
CYeah me and my ole' buddy FLeroy we'd go Cdriving around
If there was trouble tFo be found, man we dCang sure did
Cuttin' Amdonuts in the fiGeld 'till old man SCmith would call the cops
And  he'd  come Am running  out with a Gshotgun 'cause we was
Crunning down his crops
I rDmeckon hes still Emwonderin who thFat waGs
That was uCs----F-----G-
Some of those Clocal boys moved Fon but we never changCed a bit
Don't guess we Fhad enough sense, at least that's what sCome folks saGid
Yeah weC finally turned oFld enough to buy oCur own beer
Don't remember much aFbout that year, lucky Cwe ain't dead
'Cause sAmomebody said they Gsaw some boys with a trCuck looked just like mine
Trying Amto pull down that oGld water tank sits oCut on the county line
People Dmwonder why it Emleans the way it Fdoes-G-
That was uCs
Seems like Amsmall towns never Gchange but thing get tCough when times get hard
And they Amsaid when he got Gsick that old man CSmith would have lost that farm
'Cause he was Amgetting way behGind on all his biClls
But someone Amcame and brought his croGps in from the fCields
DmYeah folks 'round here still Emdon't know who that wFas---G-
That was uCs---F----G----C----F----G-
Cuttin' Cdonuts in the fField 'till old man GSmith would call the cops
And  he'd  come  Crunning  out with a Fshotgun 'cause we was
Grunning down his crops
SomeCbody said they Fsaw some boys with a Gtruck looked just like mine
Trying to Cpull down that old Fwater tank sits Gout on the county line
That was uCs---F----G-
Yeah that Cwas uFs---G----C-


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