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Basic Chords Tori Kelly - Young Gun



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capo: 1st fret
[verse (1)]
Gyou said you love the night
so i went in the Emsky
and turned off all the liGghts
i lassoed eCvery star
Gyou said you love theD ocean
so i went out and dEmove in
put it all out in the oGpen
gave up my oCwn wild heartG
i cGonquered the world and then Dsome
caGptured the gEmolden Amcrown
Dstill i heard you Gfound
i heard you foBmund
Fa young gun from anCother town and Gthey're
everythingBm i couldn't Fbe C
Gi heard you'reBm down with a
Fyoung gun from anoCther town andG it's
killin' me sBmoftly to sFee C
do you ever thGink of mBme?   F     C
how could i comGpete withBm a
Fa young gun from anCothеr townG?
[verse (2)]
Gsoul began to bDreak
from undernеath the weEmight
been tryna keep the pDace
but that road went Con and on
Gi coulda tried to Drun
but to stay forever yoEmung
is a war that's never wDon
and time is just Cway too strong
Amoh, what a tragic Dending, mm
Bmoh, what a hEmurtful sAmound
Dwhen i heard you foGund
i heard you fBmound
Fa young gun from anCother town and tGhey're
everything Bmi couldn't Fbe C
Gi heard you're Bmdown withF a
young gun from anoCther town and iGt's
killin' me soBmftly to sFee  C
and do you ever tGhink of mBme?   F   C
how could i compGete with Bma
Fa young gun from aCnother town?


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About Tori Kelly

Victoria Loren Kelly (Born: December 14, 1992) is an American singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer. Kelly first gained recognition after posting videos on YouTube as a teenager, and appeared as a semi-finalist on the ninth season of American Idol in 2010.

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