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Thomas Alan Waits is an American singer-songwriter, musician, composer and actor. His distinctive voice was described by critic Daniel Durchholz as sounding as though "it was soaked in a vat of bourbon
[Verse 1]~
D      A             D         G
I grew up here now all of my life

       Em       A         D  G D
But I dreamed someday I'd go

           D         A        D      G
Where the blue-eyed girls and red guitars and

     Em     A     D   G D
The naked rivers flow

I'm not all I thought I'd be

   F#m            D
I always stayed around

I've been as far as Mercy and Grand

Em            A7
Frozen to the ground

[Verse 2]~
D        A                  D           G
I can't stay here and I'm scared to leave

    Em       A         D
Just kiss me once and then

     D      A      D        G
I'll go to hell,.. I might as well

      Em      A        D    G D
Be whistlin' down the wind

   G               D
The bus is at the corner

   G             D
The clock on the wall

G            F#m
Broken down windmill

There's no wind at all

     G             D
I've yelled and I cursed

     G              D
If I stay here I'll rust

     G            Bm
I'm stuck like a shipwreck

Out here in the dust

[Instrumental Break]~
D A D G Em A D D A D G Em A D G D

[Verse 3]~
    D      A              D        G
The sky is red and the world's on fire

         Em      A           D
And the corn is taller than me

    D      A         D        G
The dog is tied to a wagon of rain

        Em         A          D   G D
And the road is as wet as the sea

[Chorus 2]~
And sometimes the music from a dance

      F#m                D
Will carry across the plains

And the places that I'm dreaming of

         Em           A7
Do they dream only of me..?

[Verse 4]~
           D      A          D      G
There are places where they never sleep

         Em      A     D
And the circus never ends

  D       A        D           G
So I will take the Marleybone coach

        Em       A        D     G D
And be whistling down the wind

  D       A       D            G
so I will take the Marleybone coach

Em         A         D    G   D
Whistling down the wind

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