Warm Beer And Cold Women Chords

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Intro: Ebmaj9 | Cm7 | F9 | Bb

Ebmaj9            Cm7    F9
Warm beer and cold women, I just don't fit in
Every Joint I stumbled into tonight
Eb                        s.n. Bb-C-D
That's just how it's been.
          Eb          Cm7
All these double knit strangers with
F9                Bb
Gin and vermouth, and recycled stories
      Eb                s.n. Eb-F-G
In the naugahyde booths.
       Ab      Bb      Emaj9      Cm7
With the platinum blondes, and tobacco brunettes,
I'll be drinkin to forget you,
Bb       Eb                s.n. Eb-F-G
I'll lite another cigarette.
       Ab            Bb          Emaj9 Cm7
And the band's playin' something by Tammy Wynette,
F9                   Bb Eb    s.n. Bb-C-D
And the drinks are on me tonight.


All my conversations I'll just be talkin' about you baby
Borin' some sailor as I try to get through.
I just want him to listen, that's all you have to do,
He said I'm better off without you,
Till I showed him my tattoo
Now the moon's rising, ain't no time to lose,
Time to get down to drinking,
Tell the band to play the blues.
And the drinks are on me, I'll buy another round,
At the last ditch attempt saloon.

SAX SOLO (over the chords of an entire verse)

VERSE 3: Same as verse 1, except for the following lines.
..."receding hairlines" (instead of recycled stories)
..."I lite a menthol cigarette
    And the band's playin' something by Johnny Barnett
    At the last ditch attempt saloon"
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Published : 2017-07-02 07:57:23

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