Blue Valentines Chords

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E9            Dm7      E9
She sends me blue valentines
Dm7                      E9
All the way from Philadelphia
Dm7                   E9
To mark the anniversary
Am7             A7
Of someone that I used to be
Dm7                E9
And it feels like a warrant
    Am7      A7
Is out for my arrest
                Dm7            E9      Am7    A7
Baby you got me checkin in my rearview mirror
            Dm7          E7
That's I'm always on the run
Thats why I changed my name
            B7                      E9
And I didn't think you'd ever find me here


                Dm7       E9
To send me these blue valentines
Dm7       E9
blue valentines
Dm7       E9       Am7
hese blue valentines

Blue valentines
Like half forgotten dreams
Like a pebble in my shoe
As I walk these streets
And the ghost of your memory
Baby is the thistle in the kiss
It's the burgler that can break a roses neck
It's the tatooed broken promise
I got to hide beneath my sleeve
And I see you every time I turn my back

(same chords as verse 1 time throug)


She sends me blue valentines
Though I try to remain at large
They're insisting that our love
Must have a eulogy
Why do I save all this madness
Here in the nightstand drawer
There to haunt upon my shoulders
Baby I know
I'd be luckier to walk around everywhere I go
With this blind and broken heart
That sleeps beneath my lapel
Instead.. these blue valentines
They remind me of my cardinal sin
I can never wash the guilt
Or get these bloodstains off my hands
And it takes a hole lot of whiskey
To take this nightmares go away
And I cut my bleedin heart out every nite
And I die a little more on each St. Valentines day


Don't you remember that I promised I would
Write you...
These blue valentines
blue valentines
blue valentines
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Published : 2017-07-02 07:56:26

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