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[Verse 1]~
G                        D7              G    G7
I remember the year that Clayton Delaney died

    C                                                G     G7
They said for the last two weeks that he suffered and cried

  C                                                     G
It made a big impression on me although I was a barefoot kid

                                D7                       G
They said he got religion at the end and I'm glad that he did

[Verse 2]~
G                    D7                   G    G7
Clayton was the best guitar picker in our town

C                                                  G      G7
I thought he was a hero and I used to follow Clayton around

C                                                G
I often wondered why Clayton who seemed so good to me

                         D7                    G
Never took his guitar and made it down in Tennessee

[Verse 3]~
G                                  D7                 G    G7
Well daddy said he drank a lot but I could never understand

C                                                   G     G7
I knew he used to picked up in Ohio with a five piece band

C                                                          G
Clayton used to tell me son you better put that old guitar away

                          D7                   G
Ain't no money in it it'll lead you to an early grave

[Verse 4]~
G                       D7                             G    G7
I guess if I'd admit it Clayton taught me how to drink booze

C                                                    G     G7
I can see him half stoned a picking out the Lovesick Blues

    C                                                      G
When Clayton died I made him a promise I was gonna carry on somehow

                             D7                   G
I'd give a hundred dollars if he could only see me now

[Verse 5]~
G                        D7              G    G7
I remember the year that Clayton Delaney died

C                                                   G     G7
Nobody ever knew it but I went out in the woods and I cried

      C                                                              G
Well I know there's a lotta big preachers that know a lot more than I do

                                  D7                     G
But it could be that the good Lord likes a little picking too

                             D7              G
Yeah I remember the year that Clayton Delaney died
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