Released: 2017

Dm G7 Bb G  Dm G7 Bb G

    Dm               G7
I want to stay South of the River
       Bb              G
With the chains and the gold
       Dm            G7
We could be out here together;
       Bb              G
But, you have places to go

  Dm                    G7
Watching the sunshine blaze the gray
           Bb              G
I don't know why you wouldn't stay
   Dm                    G7
You should come South of the River
     Bb              G
Where the loving is gold

Dm G7 Bb G  Dm G7 Bb G

     Dm                    G7
You should come South of the River
    Bb              G
This is where it all starts
    Dm                    G7
I think that we could stay here forever
         Bb              G
Lie on the roof til' it's dark

  Dm                    G7
And when the last bus pulls away
         Bb              G
I swear that I almost heard you say
      Dm                    G7
"I should move South of the River,,"
I want to get to know
I want to get to know, oh

Dm G7 Bb G  Dm G7 Bb G ( x2 )
I want to stay South of the River

Dm G7 Bb G ( x10 )
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