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[Verse 1]
I couldn’t live without you, wouldn’t make it pass

3 minutes without you or I would collapse

E                      F#7
If you wasn’t with me, I would go out dizzy,

B                        F#7 F#7sus4 F#7
need to have you with me con—stant------ly

[Verse 2]
You’ve always been beside me, so dependable,

Like the soul inside me, warm and wonderful

E                         F#7             B                        D#7
If I get distracted, or forgetful it relaxes me to know that you are always there

I wouldn’t be the same,

You would surely see a change,

      D#                              G#m
If I had to spend a day without you flowing through my veins

    Em                  Dmaj7
You never wanted anything in return

F#7                         F7    F#7
Even though you’re so easi---ly    burnt

[Verse 3]
I couldn’t live without you, wouldn’t want to try,

Waking up without you, surely I would die

E                              F#7
Even when I’m sleeping you’re with me when I’m dreaming,
    B                      F#7    F#7sus4 F#7
I’m hoping and believing you’re not            leavning

[Verse 4]
This world is so grey without you, all this blue and green,

Wouldn’t be without you, you’re essentially,

E                              B
What my life’s about, what my water goes around,

          E                F#7sus4      F#7    E
I just couldn’t live without o------------xy----gen

Em    F#7    B
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Published : 2017-07-03 13:54:36

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