Dm Bb C Am
Dm Bb C

Dm        Bb  C    Dm
I am only hu - man
Dm        Bb  C  Dm
I am only hu - u - man
  Bb        C
I will fall down
    Dm      F
And I would plead
    Bb    C
And I will cry
    Dm      F
But I would still
Need you
Dm                Bb    C  Dm
Hearts are always breaking
Dm                Bb    C  Dm
Hearts are always bre - a - king
  Bb        C
I reach for you
    Dm    F
You pull away
    Bb    C
And so forgiveness
Dm    F
Dies again

    F  Bb  C
Save me, save me
Dm          Am      Gm
My world is in your hand
    F  Bb  C
Save me, save me
Dm          Am
My world is crashing
sinking for the time

Bb  C  Dm  Am
Bb   C   Dm

Dm        Bb  C  Dm
I am only hu - ma
Dm        Bb  C  Dm
I am only hu - u - man
  Bb    C
I gave away
  Dm      F
The best of you
    Bb        C
For all those things
  Dm      F
I can't undo
  Bb      C
I trade my years
    Dm      F
For one good day
With you
Dm        Bb  C  Dm
I am only human
Dm        Bb  C  Dm
I am only hu - u - man
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Published : 2017-06-27 13:20:49

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