35 Mph Town Chords ver2

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C                                                                F
Mama locked the door last night for the first time in all of her years

I said mammy you gotta be kidding me

She said things ain't like they used to be round here

You just wouldn't believe it kids growing up without Jesus

F                                           D7
Good thing your daddy ain't here to see this now

          C                                  G7             C
They stay higher than the water tower in this 35 mile an hour town

She said it ain't the drugs it ain't the booze

I've had a backroad buzz or two myself

It seems like heaven is slipping further away

The devil ain't got far to go when they raise hell

We used to burn a hole through midnight smoking a stolen Marlboro Light and

    F                              D7
On a good night might kill a 5th of Crown

                  C                         G7             C
But now there's a lower higher power in this 35 mile an hour town

F                            G7
Oh we can't blame the babies for growing up lazy

And crazy it ain’t them that let them down

             F                         G7
If they ain't stealing they’re suing why work when we'll give it to 'em

    Am                G7                      F
It's right there in the bible that we don't put out

          C                   G7             C
Spare the rod and you'll sour a 35 mile an hour town

The yes mam’s gone and the please is too

It's out the door with the thank you in the evening

You don't see a front yard football game

The neighbor kids have done away with the shirt and skins

No one hits the front porch lights to get their kids to come inside

          F                                    D7
Cause the streets ain't safe for a bike to ride down

          C                        G7             Am F
Since they planted a prowler in this 35 mile an hour town

No they're going nowhere fast tonight

G7                              F G7          C
No matter how fast they drive this 35 mile an hour town
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Published : 2017-06-17 07:32:25

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