After Dark Chords

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    B A    B
Watching her
A                   B A      B A
Strolling in the night so white
Wondering why
F#5                  B A B A B A B A
It's only After Dark

[Verse 2]
B A    B
In her eyes
A          B A             B A
A distant fire light burns bright
Wondering why
F#5                  B A B A B A B A
It's only After Dark

[Verse 3]

      E5 D      E5 D
I find myself in her room
      E5 D      E5 D
Feel the fever of my doom
      F# E       F#    E
Falling falling through the floor
F#                               B A B A
I'm knocking on the Devils door



[Verse 4]

          E5 D       E5 D
Burning burning in the flame
          E5 D       E5 D
Now I know her secret name
          F# E5      F# E5
You can tear her temple down
But she'll be back and rule again

[Verse 5]

B A    B
In my heart
A          B A            B A
A deep and dark and lonely part
Wants her and waits for


B          C          D          E          F#
After Dark After Dark After Dark After Dark After Daaark
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Published : 2017-07-02 08:51:57

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