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Basic Chords Times of Grace - Rescue

no capo!
Dm Bb F FDm Bb F F
[verse (1)]
Dm--this is not the end
Dm  this is only the beginning
so many attempts Bbloveless contempt
Dm  caught paralyzed in our sadness
integrity tBbraded for madness
Dm  how long can you keep holding on
Dm  the past so full of mistakes, move on to reconnect
Dm  we can fight through this
Bb  when the world has failed you
Dm  everything has fallen apart
C  i will rescue you
Bb  if you ever need me
Dm  i will run to you
C  i will rescue you
[verse (2)]
Dm  we are the light piercing through the shadows
Dm  we've got to fight there is no other way
Dm  not letting go, not letting go, i will be here unmoved
Dm  after all we have been through i will remain unmoved
Bb  when lost i will find you
Dm  hold you in my arms
C  i will rescue you
Bb  when nothing mends you
Dm  i will see this through
C  i will rescue you
Bb  i'll stand beside you
Dm  i will be unmovedC i will rescue you
[verse (3)]
Bb  if the sky was falling Dmwould you heed tChe warning
Bb  find your hopelessness Dmreconnect to the reason Cand purpose
Bb  breaching past the surface Dmfinding our place to stand by your side Chand in hand
Bb----Dm-----C---i will rescue Bbyou
Dm-----C---i will rescue Bbyou


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About Times of Grace

Times of Grace is an American heavy metal band formed in Southampton, Massachusetts. The group consists of Adam Dutkiewicz and Jesse Leach while guitarist Joel Stroetzel, bassist Matt Bachand, drummer Dan Gluszak complete the touring lineup. An album was planned for 2009.

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