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Am G Am

Am                  G
Hello coffee my old friend
I've come to order you again
                             F      C
I hear the sound of grinding coffee beans
                        F    C
I need a double shot of pure caffeine
        F                                    C
And the Indie band on the speaker soothes my brain
So I'll remain
C         G
Among the sounds
Of Starbucks

Am                        G
I tried to brew my own at home
But it was quiet and alone
                      F       C
I need to be amid the morning rush
                             F        C
Where the leather chairs are soft and c  ush
            F                                        C
Where I can drink a Grande Cappuchino with a pumpkin scone
And charge my phone
C          G
Within the sound
Of Starbucks

Am                    G
Then I heard an awful scream
They had totes run out of cream
                            F      C
A new employee spilled some coffee grounds
                       F      C
And the wi-fi went completely down
              F                                 C
And a lady in Yoga Pants threw her latte at the wall
The cops were called
C             G
Then came the sound
Of sirens

Am                          G
In the drive through lane I saw
One hundred hipsters maybe more
                      F        C
People were paying without drinking
                               F   C
In the drive through they were all freaking
             F                                     C
People going off 'cause they couldn't get a carmel frap
Oh snap
C      G
A riot started
At Starbucks

Am                 G
As the Bible Study prayed
Baristas formed a barricade
                        F   C
The manager shouted out his warning
                      F   C
To the angry mob that was forming
            F                                                    C
He said, "I checked Google Maps there's another store across the street."
So we stampede
C           G
Back to the sounds
Of Starbucks
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Published : 2017-05-29 02:32:22

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