Indiana Snow Chords

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Album: Watch the World
Released: 2017

E Dbm B A ( x2 )

E            Dbm
Souls aren't seperated
B             A
By mountains or miles
E            Dbm
Bodies never fit together better
      B          A
As you know, and I know
E             Dbm
No distance has ever convinced us

       B                A
That it wasn't worth the while
E                         D            A
So bury your doubts, in that Indiana Snow
I know the weight of your world
       E      D A
Can feel heavy as hell
                  Gbm             B
Heaven knows you handle it so well
       E      D      A
If it all just seems too much
B                                     E
Can give it up, give it up...and just....
       Dbm             Ab
Call it off and come home
It's alright.
E      B                   Ab
I will drop what I am doing
E          Dbm ( once ) B
Call it off, call me up
       A             E
I will drive you home
       D             A
I will drive you home

E Dbm B A ( x3 )

E            Dbm                B
I won't be seperated from you
No matter the miles
E            Dbm                B
Hearts never fit quite like ours do
You know that's true
E             Dbm                      B ( once )
No distance has ever convinced us that it wasn't
Worth the while
E                        D                      A
I would lay down in that Indiana Snow for you...
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Published : 2017-07-07 06:08:07

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Author : Sri Utami
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