Fall To Sleep Chords

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Album: The World We Built
Released: 2017

C       Em    G
We rise up late again
                      C            Em    G
The mornings where the truth really seeps in
             C       Em    G
We're all just trying to get by
             C    Em G
Rushing to our nine to fives

       C          Em            G
We're living at the top of the night
                   C          Em       G
Feet up against the window as we take a drive
             C                Em            G
Staring up at stars, I'm losing sense of the time
                      C Em G                         C Em G
Not worried about the morning light, starting to see the morning light

Em C A                Em C    A
Fall to sleep, hold on to something sweet
                         Em C    A
It's the only place where you can hide
                         C    Em G C    Em G
From your unconscious mind

    C            Em G
The gas light is on again
                         C             Em G
Scrape the bottom of my purse to try and fill it
       C            Em G
And I know that I'll be alright
             C            Em       G
If I can just make it to my nine to five
            C                Em          G
All your friends tell you that you'll be fine
                              C             Em          G
You're strong and they're not worried, it's a matter of time

But I'm worried about myself, and I'm worried about my mental health

Em C A                Em C    A
Fall to sleep, hold on to something sweet
                         Em C    A
It's the only place where you can hide
                         C    Em G      C    Em G
From your unconscious mind

    C             Em       G
The hardest part is getting out
       C       Em      G
Of the traps we set ourselves
       C    Em    G            C      Em G
When courage is a gamble and the future is a bet
             C       Em    G
I got too much down on who I was
       C       Em    G
And not enough on who I am

Em C A (x8)
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Published : 2017-07-09 03:04:17

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