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Album: Honeysuckle Weeks
Released: 2008

Heavy is the mind that can't be told
When its time to let it go
Am          F             Am C
Heavy is the heart filled so full with sorrow

F                Am
Worry cant help a single thing but
G                   C
When we're out of our heads
             G          C
At least were out in the open

F                      Am
The warning signs of a troubled mind
G                  C                G
It's all the things we can't see and can't hide

But when you kiss me in ways I've forgotten,
F       C
Love is a swimming pool with no bottom
We've got to hold on the water is rising

And all we ever want is to be loved
Whether sun or stars above
Am                      F
All our trouble all our toil
Am                C
Is towards no greater earthly goal

F                  Am
So never mind what logic says I say
G      C            G       C
logic a guy who outta empty his pockets
F                Am
All we want is an open mind you know the
G            C       G
Kind you can earn and can't buy

But when you kiss me in ways I've forgotten,
F       C
Love is a swimming pool with no bottom
We've got to hold on the water is rising

Everyone spends a little time
Fighting the drift back out to the deep end
Am                  F
When I asked you to throw me a line
Am                         C
Thats when you pulled me out by the heart strings

F                            Am                  G             C
We thought the weight of the world would have us sinking like a stone
      G                   C
If we should ever lose our hold
F                  Am
But we rise to the surface the moment
       G          C                   G
That we know theres nothing to fear down below

But when you kiss me in ways I've forgotten,
F       C
Love is a swimming pool with no bottom
We've got to hold on the water is rising

But when you kiss me in ways I've forgotten,
F       C
Love is a swimming pool with no bottom
We've got to hold on the water is rising
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