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Am F C G
Am F C G

Am       F          C      G
Packing up all these boxes

Am       F          C      G
Blowing dust off memories

Am            F               C      G
Every little thing I seem to find

Am            G             F
Is one less look at you and me

Am         F          C      G
A few old CDs at the bottom

Am          F                C      G
I turn one over to find our song

Am               F               C             G
And there's a t-shirt that the band signed,, that night

Am            G                  F
I always wondered where it had gone

       C    Em F
If anyone else opened this box

                  C      Em
They'd see for themselves

It's just a pile of old junk

      Am       Em                  Am    Em F
But to me,, everything in there is a secret memory

    Am               C             G
It's all that I have left of you and me

             F                  G                   Am F
But to anyone else,, they're just other people's things

Am                   F                C      G
There's the shoes I wore on our first date

Am          F               C       G
A photo of us in the snow down town

Am                F                C      G
That old pair of jeans you used to hate

          Am                   G       F
So full of holes but I wouldn't throw them out

                      Am                     G       F
It's hard to see these things when you don't need me now

       C    Em F
If anyone else opened this box

                  C      Em
They'd see for themselves

It's just a pile of old junk

      Am       Em                  Am    Em F
But to me,, everything in there is a secret memory

    Am               C             G
It's all that I have left of you and me

             F                  G
But to anyone else,, they're just other people's things

Am F C G
Am F C G
Am F G

       C    Em F
If anyone else opens this box

             C      Em
And helps themself

      F               F G
To whatever they want

      Am       Em                   Am    Em F
Well I hope everything in there is a better memory

Am               C                G
Better than they were for you and me

'Cause when I close this box

They're not our's anymore

                   Am    G F
If there's no you and me

                               Am F C G
They're just other people's things

                                 Am F C
They're just other people's things
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Published : 2017-07-20 11:47:52

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