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The Rolling Stones are an English rock band formed in London, England in 1962. The first stable line-up consisted of Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, and Ian Stewart.

      Guess it's just another dream
      That's  slipping away
      Each time I fall asleep
      It seems I'm  drifting away
      Just as you have touched my heart
      D              D7
      Babe I wake and we're apart
      G              D        G
      Yeah, and it's slipping away

      Here comes just another day
      That's drifting away
      Every time I draw a breath
      It's dying away
      First the sun and then the moon
      One of them will be around soon
      D          G
      Slipping away
      D          G
      Slipping away

  C  G
      Drifting away
  C  G
      Slipping away, yeah

      Just as you have touched my heart
      I wake up babe and we're apart
      It seems we're slipping away
      Slipping away
      Slipping away

      Bb            Eb
      All I want is ecstacy
          Bb              Eb
      But I ain't getting much
            Bb            Eb
      Just getting off on misery
          Bb                Eb    D  G
      It seems I've lost my touch

      Well it's just another song
      But it's slipping away
      Well we didn't sing it long
      'Cos it's fading away
      First the sun and then the moon
      One of them will be round soon
      Slipping away
      Slipping away
      Slipping away

      D              C    G
      Slipping  a-wa-a-a-a-ay
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