Artificial Tears Chords

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[intro :]=====

G Em B7 C
G Em B7 C

=====[verse (1)]=====

G               Em
It's been three weeks
B7        C              G
And it's still raining outside
G          Em
I tried to leave,
B7              C
But when i came back,
C                              G
The storm was just waiting for me

=====[verse (2)]=====

G                    Em
Maybe tomorrow it'll go away
B7       C  G
  probably not
G                  Em
Why is it still raining?
B7                  C      G
Haven't i washed my sins away?
G                Em
Maybe i'll go outside,
B7               C     G
  but who are we kidding?

=====[Refrain :]=====

G                     Em
I'll just stay out of sight
Out of mind
Out of sight
Out of mind

=====[outro :]=====

G                    Em B7 C
How is this still happening?
G                    Em B7 C
How is this still happening?
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Published : 2018-03-13 14:45:02

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