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F#m D F#m A

D  F#m                      A
He whispers secrets through a thick mustache
    D      F#m
And she listens to him
Flicks her cigarette's ash

D                  F#m            A
    And smoke hangs velvet curtains

And hides her lips
      D          F#m                A
And she hopes to hell it's worth all her health risks

F#m  E              A
    I know it was you
F#m                  A
    I know it was you

            F#m              E
'Cause everyone requires a plan
I can give you
        F#m            D    E
It's all been a sleight of hand

F#m  A♭m          A
    I know it was you
F#m                A
    I know it was you


D  F#m  A
D  F#m  A
D  F#m  C#m A
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