Chicken Attack CHORDS by The Gregory Brothers

Em                              Am
You should know that a man with the power of nature

D                                G
Can bring you to the end of your life

F                                        C
And you should know by my stride and the look in my eyes

Am                                B
That you're about to be massively force to give up!

Em         Am    D     G
Chicken attack,, chicken attack

F                                 C
Watch your back before it fades to black

Am                                                   B
They might look harmless but they'll kick your non-chicken ass

Em         Am  D         G
Go chicken go,, go chicken go

F             C  Am           B
Now go,, now fly! You own the sky

Em                        Am
With the power of nature,, you'll never alone

D                          G
And you can't let evil run amok

F                        C
Every beast,, every tree,, follow me to the end

Am                               B
And you're about to be massively fucked

Em                              Am
You're young and you're hungry,, perhaps short on money

D                          G
I'll give you this chicken today

F                        C
Its eggs for the dinner,, its legs for the winter

Am                      B
You won't have to steal again
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Published : 2017-07-20 10:53:37

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