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[Verse 1 :]
        F                              C
Let's take it to the start, it was just me and my guitar

A dreamer on the road, no map, just all those stars

      F                  C
I never backed away, I played where I could play

Loneliness befriended me, felt older than my age

        F                  C
I let go a little, I fell for something new

It was sweet for a moment, this love I never knew

        F                        C
He called me little dreamer and said I'd be okay

I let go of my ambitions and promised him to stay

[Pre-Chorus :]
        F                            C        Dm
Now all my dreams are floating like a river in my head

        F                    C        Dm
At night in bed talking to myself so wide awake

[Chorus :]
                            Bb          F
Oh, you kept telling me to let go of my goals

                          C            Dm
I never questioned I just let go of my hopes

        C            Bb              F
Another vagabond who lost herself to love

Oh, my lonely soul

[Outro :]
                            Bb          F
And now I'm watching as you move on, tour the road

                                C        Dm
And I just wander through this empty town alone

  C        Bb                  F                C
Broken little dreamer, born to roam, oh off you go

            Dm      Bb
I think it's time to go

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