How I Lost My Mind CHORDS by The Farewell Friend

[Intro :]
F C G ( x2 )
F C Em Am G F C G

[Verse 1 :]
      F      C              G
In my darkest days, eyes run dry
        F        C            G
You are here now, til I lose my mind
      F        C  Em      Am
I can see your face all the time
            F        C              G
Please don't leave now, cause I'm not alright

F C G ( x2 )

[Verse 2 :]
      F          C              G
Empty hearts just lay across the floor
          F          C                    G
They just stay there, cause they're never sure
        F          C        Em      Am
And you found mine there, and held it close
        F        C            G
I never knew how, how to love someone

[Chorus :]
C            F
All I know is you,
          C                G
Don't let go, we'll make it through
    Am                  F
And though the world has changed
        C                G
We have stayed exactly the same

F C G ( x2 )

[Verse 3 :]
        F        C          G
In this endless cave, I see light
              F      C        G
Let's find our way out, holding tight
      F        C      Em      Am
Shaky hands in place, intertwined,
      F      C            G
I can see now how I lost my mind

[Chorus :]
C            F
All I know is you,
          C                G
Don't let go, we'll make it through
    Am                  F
And though the world has changed
        C                G
We have stayed exactly the same

C F C G  Am F C G

[Verse 4 :]
        F          C          G
You have stayed the same all my life
          F          C              G
But I have changed now, but never lost sight
          F        C      Em          Am
But I've lost my place, and that's just fine
            F      C              G
Cause you're here now, and I'll be alright
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Published : 2017-10-03 02:00:42

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