Oh Brother UKULELE Chords

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[intro :]=====

G#m B G#m B

G#m        E            B
Blue as the sky dark as the moon

G#m          E         B
A time when someday is too soon

G#m             E        B
Cause what you know about loving someone

G#m  E    B      F#
Oh brother, i   i’m lying

        E                B
About new things i’ve tried

G#m        E                B
I take it back, i’ll make em’ swoon

G#m             E           B
And i hope for that day to be soon

G#m     E                B
I’m the joke and he’s too cool

G#m E      B         F#
Oh brother, how, how did i

Get so used to you, by my side

=====[interlude :]=====

G#m B G#m B

G#m        E       B
Off they parted separate ways,

G#m         E             B
And yes you know they counted the days

G#m     E           B
Loneliness creates weeks from days

G#m        E            B
There’s no way the memories fade

G#m  E         B          F#
Oh brother, sigh  cause i’m tired

            E             B
Of having thoughts to hide
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Published : 2018-03-06 03:30:02

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Author : Teguh Harianto
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