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Album: The Southern Harmony and Musical Companion
Released: 1992

If you feel like a riot, then don't you deny it
F       C       G
Put your good foot forward
No need for heroics I just want you to show it
F       C      G
Now's the time to shine
Your independence is a half ass deliverance
F             C      G
The train has left the station
The recognition of the same old condition
F            C      G
Your symptoms showing through
    F          C      G
Well regardless of the truth
    F       C G
You still act so aloof
      F            C      G
In the face of your judge and jury
            F       C      G
You nave the nerve to say not guilty

            Bb    F
But can you sting me
       Bb    F
Can you sting me
F                  G    F G
Right to my rotten bones

Well the bells ring out for the crimes of the century
F       C      G
By courtesy of your mother
The signs reads welcome to the valley of discovery
F      C             G
Look at what money can buy
Sons and daughters better open your eyes
F      C          G
Tell me what you're seeing
This submission is a tired tradition
    F          C    G
It's everyone's sacrifice
F    C          G
Well believe you me
       F      C    G
I've got nothing up my sleeve
       F          C          G
Except a heart and a chip on my shoulder
       F             C            G
Yes I'm young and don't like getting older

                  Bb F
Yeah but can you sting me
       Bb    F
Can you sting me
       F       G
Right to my rotten bones

F          C            G
Come on my sweet little thing
F       C             G
What new things can you show me today
F       C
I got one question
I believe it's subjective
F       C                G
What is a wasp without her sting?

F             C    G
I don't want to sound bitter
F                C       G
Yeah you touch me just like murder
F      C       G
Living ain't so easy
          F       C       G
When all I want from you is to sting me
Can you sting me
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Published : 2017-07-06 04:56:45

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