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~G ~Em ~C ~D

[Verse 1]~
    ~G          ~Em
Love hurts, love scars

    ~C          ~D
Love wounds and mars

   ~G         ~Em
Any heart not tough

   ~C       ~D
Nor strong enough

         ~C      ~G
To take a lot of pain

~B7          ~Em
Take a lot of pain

~G             ~C      ~C/B ~Am
Love is like a cloud

Holds a lot of rain

~C   ~G
Love hurts

~F ~C         ~G       ~D
Mmm mmm, love hurts

[Verse 2]~
   ~G       ~Em
I'm young, I know

   ~C    ~D
But even so

       ~G       ~Em
I know a thing or two

    ~C            ~D
I've learned from you

          ~C         ~G
I've really learned a lot

~B7             ~Em
Really learned a lot

~G             ~C      ~C/B ~Am
Love is like a stove

Burns you when it's hot

~C   ~G
Love hurts

~F ~C         ~G   
Mmm mmm, love hurts

~Em                ~B7   ~Em      
Some fools think of happiness

~B7      ~Em      ~B7    ~Em
Blissfulness, togetherness

~A                                  ~Asus4 ~A
Some fools fool themselves, I guess

But they're not fooling me

[Verse 3]~
I know it isn't true

~B7          ~Em
Know it isn't true

~G             ~C    ~C/B ~Am
Love is just a lie

Made to make you blue

~C   ~G
Love hurts

~F ~C         ~G       ~D
Mmm mmm, love hurts

~G ~Em ~C ~D

~C   ~G
Love hurts

~F ~C         ~G      
Mmm mmm, love hurts

~F   ~C            ~G   
Ohh, ohh, love hurts
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Published : 2017-08-02 09:12:33

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