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[Verse :]
    G                D          Em
You say that there's no place to run to
C            Bm                      D
Is that any kind of place for you to hide?
G                                  Em
You say no one is telling you the truth anymore
          C                        D
Then for God's sake who's telling lies?
        C                        G
Now you might need something to believe in
        C                        D   Em
That'll help you to see what is right
                Bm          C              D
So save it 'til later and later and later again

[Chorus :]
          G                    Em
    Save all your crying 'til later
            C                D
    Take a hard, hard look around
          G          D        Em
    Save all your crying 'til later
                C      Bm  G   C D
    You know it won't  fall down

[Bridge :]
If today feels like.....
Save all your crying...

Bm                          C
Nothing I ever do seems to please you honey
Em                                D
You always seem to need more than I've got
Bm                          C
But Im going to love you So save it
      G        C              D
til later and later and later again

[Outro :]
      G                    Em
Save all your crying 'til later
        C                D
Take a hard, hard look around
    G          D        Em
Save all your crying 'til later
            C      Bm  G
You know it won't  fall down
            C    Bm    G
'Cause it won't fall down
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Published : 2017-10-27 13:36:22

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