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Basic Chords Symphony Worship - Love To Worship You

[Verse 1]~
A                    F#m
my heart longs to worship You

    Bm                    E
my soul longs to see You,.. Jesus

C#                F#m  E     D
You alone are the King of my life

You're the most high

my God

[Verse 2]~
A                    F#m
my heart longs to serve You Lord

    Bm                    E
my desire longs to please You Jesus

C#                F#m  E     D
You alone are my hope and my strength

You're the most high

my God

A  E  F#m
I worship You

F#      Bm  A  E
Jesus,.. I worship You

F#m            E        A          D
With all of my heart and all of my soul

I love you

E          A
I love to worship you

A                F#m
Let your spirit,.. fill in this place

Bm            E
Sweet spirit,.. fill my heart

A                F#m
Let your presence fill this place

As we worship you

As we worship you

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