Whiskey Richard CHORDS by Sunny Sweeney

[Intro :]
C  G

[Verse 1 :]
He defines liquid courage
He's dam hard to discourage
D                      A
He's, his own biggest fan

He comes in all sizes
There's really no, surprises
D                            A
We all know, how this story, ends

No lack of, ambition
He tries every position
D                        A
Sober, this would not be right

Not trying to be a buzzkill
But youre kind of, at a stand still
D                                A
Theres no love, to be made here tonight.

[CHORUS 1]======
| D
| Whiskey Richard
| A
| Please keep him zippered
| D                            A
| Once you start throwing em back

| D
| Whiskey Richard
| A
| All things considered
| D                          A
| You gave it, all that you had

[Verse 2 :]
He drank beer, in Europe
HE smoked weed in Spain
D                      A
He even sipped wine in France
But even translantic
Still aint romantic
D                              A
You're just trying, to get in my pants

[CHORUS 2]======
| D
| Whiskey Richard
| A
| Please keep him zippered
| D                      A
| You;re so easy to predict

| D
| Whiskey Richard
| A
| At least you're a good kisser
| D                          A
| I wish I had a bone to pick
| D                          A
| I got the short end of that stick
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Published : 2018-02-02 17:59:09

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