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          F               G          C      Em  Am
And as I fall from this home as a feather
       F                    G             C      Em   Am
Into your pocket where I'll haunt myself forever
F           G              C            Am
All of the paths that have led here now overgrow
F           G               C
Paper planes hover round my window


What's the day?

Oh what's the hour?
Fm                                 C
A sip on dream I don't recollect now
Not at all
Tidal waves rip through the breezeway
A year once new now far behind me
C             Em              Am
Making a few more wishes come true
          F          G
Why don't you and I unbraid
C              F
Take some time today
         F       G    C
Til the memories fade away

     F              G                C      Em Am
And now all of the songs that we've crewed
      F          G                  C      Em Am
Slowly stretch their selves out of tune
    F                G        C                  Am
Exhausted from the brawl, my top spinning to a fall
F         G           C                    Cm
Looking up words I misspell them all

Early evening

A well loved pillow
Fm                                    C
Time to wake a brisk shake and billow
C                                  Am
A wish list from of the child I've become
Tidal waves roar high above me
Onward the dark glow colored lightly
C                   Em       Am
By the sight of a dripping sun

          F          G
Why don't you and I unbraid
C              F
Take some time today
         F       G    C
Til the memories fade away
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