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Ab Eb
Ab Eb

Ab      Eb      Ab           Eb
Give my heart a little break
Ab          Eb         Ab          Eb
Give up the life I’ve always known
Ab        Eb            Ab          Eb
Give the sun my heart a hiding place
Ab           Eb                       Ab     Eb
Behind the ocean, we’ll see it when I’m home

It’s been awhile since I’ve felt this way before
I’ll be alright, someday I’ll soon drift ashore

Ab     Cm              Bbm
Well I believe in this heart of mine
Ab             Cm                Bbm
But I’m not so sure I’ll find my way this time

Fm Bb Bbm Eb
Ab Eb
Ab Eb

Ab      Eb       Ab         Eb
Give my heart a little break
Ab      Eb                   Ab    Eb
Get out alive somewhere on the end
Ab      Eb                Ab         Eb
Dawn it breaks to find me wide awake
Ab            Eb            Ab
Patch the night take to the sky

It’s been awhile, well I’m back to my old self again
I’ll be alright, all the troubles I find myself in

Ab     Cm              Bbm
Well I believe in this heart of mine
Ab               Cm                      Bbm
And I trust that things will turn out to be just fine

Fm Bb Bbm Eb
Ab Cm Bbm
Ab Cm Bbm
Ab Cm Bbm
Ab Cm Bbm
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