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capo: 1st fret

[verse (1)]

  he's got a flat, it's just south of the river
A wipe clean kitchen, white as an american smile
And wide as an american child

  spends his weekends talking to his mother
About himself and how he's got nobody to talk to ( boohoo now )
C                    G
  he's got nobody at all

[chorus (1)]

G                     Am
I guess he can't get along
     C          G
Get along, get along
Em                       Am         C    G
   i guess he can't get along, get along

[verse (2)]

  he's got a flat, it's one foot on the ladder
A new build, red brick, fifty feet of communal grass
        C                    G
And you can't put a price on that

Loves culture, sees what he's able to
Spends his evenings playing house of pain on his hands
     C                              G
And praying there's no pain when he lands

[chorus (2)]

G                    Am
I guess he can't get along
     C          G
Get along, get along
Em                       Am         C    G
   i guess he can't get along, get along


G   G   C   G

[Middle (8)]

Em          C
   it means nothing at all
Em           C
   until the key's in the door
And the deed's in his name
And he's changing every lock in the place
Em            C
   and at the root of it all
Em          C
   is his reluctance to fall
And it's always the same
Fifty minutes into work

[verse (3)]

And he just keeps walking, one foot then the other
Beer or wine, i don't know why he bothers, it's all the same
And there's not an easy laugh
And he wants tennis courts, swimming pools, water's warm at the cote d'Azur
        F                      C                G
Well he dreams of yachts, well quite a lot, for him

[chorus (3)]

G                       Am         C
  i guess he can't get along, get along
    G                        Em
Two-up two-down, too busy to call
                      Am         C
I guess he can't get along, get along
         G                             Em
Well the smile above the windsor seems wrong
I guess he can't get along
     C          G     Am
Get along, get along
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