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Spencer Radcliffe is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and producer who has also composed instrumental music under the name Blithe Field.

Basic Chords Spencer Radcliffe - Here Comes the Snow

capo: 3rd fret


F  C  F  C
F  C  F  C

[verse (1)]

F                C
  here comes the snow again
F             C
  is it still cold?
F                             C
  you know it’s best not to believe
F                      C
  in everything you’re told

[verse (2)]

F             C
  some things change
F                       C
  and something’s gotta give
F                       C
  some people do the dance with death
F                      C     Bb
  just to learn how to live
        F            C
Here comes the snow
Bb        F            C
  here comes the snow


C --------
F  C  F  C
F  C  F  C

[verse (3)]

F                 C
  here comes the snow again
F              C
  is it still white?
F                        C
  some things can appear differently
F                       C
  under a different light
F                           C
And there’s a different darkness
F                        C
  one that i’ve seen for sure
F                              C
  i’ve seen it dulling out the brightest things
F                          C
  and cutting right to the core
They don’t shine no more
                F     C  Bb
Here comes the snow
                F     C
Here comes the snow


F  C  F  C
F  C  F  C

[verse (4)]

F                            C
  so i guess i’m heading out now
F                     C
  into the cold white snow
F                           C
  gonna find that new kind of light
F                C
  that different glow
F                   C
  it seems so close now
F                         C
  can you feel it in your cheeks?
F                           C
  see it lighting up the darkest parts
F                               C    Bb
  melting the snow beneath your feet
               F     C
Here comes the snow

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