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Album: The Ninth Hour
Released: 2016

Am Dm G
Am      Dm C G/B
Am          Dm C G/B

F       Dm
You remember, still
G          Dm                F
All the words I've chosen wrong
             Dm                G
The hand of time, it seems to accelerate
F      Dm
My hour of wolf
Am       G                   F
Morning flight will slice the sky
          Dm             G
I would like to stay but can't today
F          Dm
Talking is flaunting
Am            G
Silence is so taunting
      F            Dm          G
The word I don't say has its own gravity

Am Dm G
Am      Dm C G/B
Am          Dm C G/B
Am          Dm C G/B
If you dare

F       Dm
I will abdicate
G                Dm                  F
All rights to say when things feel wrong
             Dm                        G
The gate's closed for the day, turn, go away

F             Dm
Passport in one hand
G       Em
Exit the strange land
Bm             A
Things you have not planned
G                Em            A
Words have their meaning, like salt in the sea

D      A F#m E            C#m B
For once, I'm doing things right
          D      A F#m E          B
I won't communicate in turbulent times
But will navigate and fly

B F# D#m C# G#m
B F# D#m C# G#m

A E C#m B G#m F#
A E C#m B F# ...

A                E          C#m          B       G#m F#
I'm trying to land in the sea, but the sea is on fire
A                E            C#m
Now we have to brace for the impact
       B                F#                   F#m
We'll crash in the sea of bittersweet depravity


       Bm Em A
I can't fly
       Bm      Em D A/C#
I can't navigate
          Bm      Em D A/C#
Refuse to communicate
      Bm      Em D A/C#
Oh, I tried today

       C#m F#m B
We can't fly
       C#m      F#m E B/D#
We can't navigate
          C#m    F#m E B/D#
We fail to communicate
      C#m      F#m E B/D#
We're afraid to care
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Published : 2017-07-13 01:37:52

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