Candle Lawns Chords ver2

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Album: The Ninth Hour
Released: 2016

G             D/F#             Em    Em7
We were like brothers, lives entwined
            C       G/B
Kids who grew up together
            Am                C             Dsus4 D
Dreaming of the world we'd get to see one time
G            D/F#                  Em Em7
I found a girl and you bought a car
                   C          G/B      Am
Seemed like that summer was over in a minute
             C             Dsus4 D
Now it's a fading wedding card

      Em D/F# G      Am      G/B    C
And so life goes on when child - hood's gone
    Em    D/F# G      C       Dsus4 D
The times we've had, no words can say
            Em    D/F# G       Am G/B C
And all the things we do won't fade a - way
      Em      D/F# G            C    Dsus4 D
A real friend's like a shelter on a rainy day

G            D/F#             Em Em7
Tear of a widow, a hermit's plea
                C    G/B
Swords of an Angel King
            Am             C                Dsus4 D
We got to see the world in flames before the calm
G                D/F#                  Em Em7
Fought like an eagle, waited for the dove
             C          G/B             Am
We were the best, never knew there was a limit
             C             Dsus4 D
But now all hell has broken loose

    C Em Gm    Dm
    C Em Gm    Dm
    D F#m Bsus4 B
    D F#m Bsus4 B
                  (Need you to...)

Em D/F# G      Am    G/B C
...give my son my pur - ple heart
       Em D/F# G          C       Dsus4 D
Brother, leave me, run, don't close my eyes
Em D/F# G             Am G/B C
My last save point's getting out of reach
Em D/F# G            C    Dsus4 D
My game is over, let me fade away
            Em D/F# G            Am    G/B C
And will you tell my son 'bout the pur - ple heart
            Em    D/F# G       C       Dsus4 D
And what it means to have him keep it today
            Em    D/F# G            Am    G/B C
And that he knows I smile in the clouds a - bove
       Em D/F# G                C      Dsus4 D C
Come to see me at what he calls candle lawns
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Published : 2017-07-06 05:59:48

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