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Capo : 2

[Verse 1 :]
G                               E
She has those wonderful blue eyes
Am                          F
That will make you think twise
G                        E
She has that gorgeous smile
Am                                F
That will make you smile for a while
G                            E
She is the new queen of England
Am                     F
So hold tight to your man
G                                     E
Or he’ll soon start to follow her demands
Am                         F
Cause this girl knows she can

[ F F F ]

[Refr 1 :]
   Am      C           G  F
When she throws with her hair
   Am      C            G    F
For her it’s always an empty chair
   Am      C          G F
No one else can compare
   Am      C            G            F
Or I would say, I would say no one dare

[Verse 2 :]
G               E
She is like a drug
Am                                    F
Her long blonde hair makes you feel it all
G                            E
You feel it all except the pain
Am                        F
The drug is now in your veins
G                      E
When she walks in the club
Am                          F
The men can have a domino effect
G                               E
She can just turn around and select
Am                             F
This girl is too close to be perfect

[ F F F ]

[Refr 2 :]
    Am       C        G    F
When she throws with her hair
    Am       C         G      F
For her it’s always an empty chair
    Am       C      G  F
No one else can compare
Or I would say,
    C           G    F
I would say no one dare

[Outro :]
    Am      C         G     F
When she throws with her hair
    Am      C         G        F
For her it’s always an empty chair
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Published : 2017-12-18 01:26:24

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