The Way I Loved You Chords

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Cadd9             G   Cadd9
Everything's cool, yeah
G                Cadd9
It's all gonna be okay, yeah
And I know,
Maybe I'll even
laugh about it someday
But not today, no
Cause I don't feel so good
I'm tangled up inside
My heart is on my sleeve
Am                   D
Tomorrow is a mystery to me

               G       D
And it might be wonderful
          Am    Cadd9
It might be magical
                G       D
It might be everything I've waited for,
Am   Cadd9
A miracle
       G         D          Em7
Oh, but even if I fall in love again
with someone new
                               Cadd9 G Cadd9 G
It could never be the way I loved you

Cadd9       G Cadd9
Letting you go is
G             Cadd9
making me feel so cold, yeah
And I've been trying to make
believe it doesn't hurt
But that makes it worse, yeah
See, I'm a wreck inside
My tongue is tied and my
whole body feels so weak
Am                           D
The future may be all I really need

               G       D
And it might be wonderful
          Am    Cadd9
It might be magical
                G       D
It might be everything I've waited for,
Am   Cadd9
A miracle
       G         D          Em7
Oh, but even if I fall in love again
with someone new
G                   D
It could never be the way -

I loved you
Like a first love,
the one and only true love
          C    G         D
wasn't it written all over my face, yeah
I loved you like you loved me (oh)
Like something pure and holy
   C                G         D
Like something that can never be replaced

               G       D
And it was be wonderful,
       Am   Cadd9
It was magical,
         G       D
It was everything I've waited for,
   Am   Cadd9
A miracle
G               D          Em7
And if I should ever fall in love again
with someone new
   G                     C
Oh, It could never be the way
   G                     C
No, It will never be the way
D    Cadd9 G Cadd9 G
I loved you
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