Falling Down Chords

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Dm F C B- C- C# x4

Verse 1: Bass only
You walk and talk like
F       C       B C C#
your some new sensation
Dm                   F
you move in circles you
   C          B C C#
dont need an invitation
Dm                   F
you spend your money you
   C             B C C#
cant get no satisfaction
Dm                   F
you play if right so you
   C               B C C#
can get the right reaction

Distortion Guitar enters
Dm F    C         B C C#
it wont be long my darling
Dm   F    C               B C C#
pick up the phone nobodies on it
Dm         F   C          B C C#
where are your friends now baby?
Dm       F C               B C   C#
hows are the ones supposed to be there for

Dm G/B         C
You When your falling down
the world starts spinning out
Dm G/B         C
You When your falling down
no its not all about
Dm G/B         C
You When your falling down
you know i'll be around
Bb                C
When your falling down
(when your falling down)

Interlude:Dm--F--C--B-C-C#- x2

Verse 2: Bass only
Dm                F
Whats out of place when you
C               B C C#
look into the mirror
Dm                   F
The truth is blurry but the
C                   B C C#
lies are getting clearer
Dm             F
Your eyes are fixed your
C             B C C#
smile is so elastic
Dm          F
You gave me roses but they're
C                   B C C#
all just made of plastic

(Repeat Refrain and Chorus)

smile for the camera
everybodys looking at you
smile for the camera if your
heart if full of pressure
smile for the camera
(camera camera)
smile for the camera
its gonna catch you

Dm-- G/B-- C-- G-- x2

(Repeat chorus)

Smile for the camera
everybodys looking at you
Smile for the camera if your
heart is under pressure
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Published : 2017-07-01 04:15:59

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