When We Make A Home CHORDS by Sadao Watanabe

F F (E)
Dm Am
Gm C
F F (E)
Dm    Am

Gm    C
( A lovely home!!!hoo!!hoo)

F (E)
When we make a home,..

Dm          C
when our love has grown

Bb          Am           Dm
when all our apprehensions fade,..

Gm           C
and we can say forever!

F (E)
When we share our dreams,..

Dm           C
everything we own

Bb           Am            Dm
we'll build a life together,..

Gm           C         F
when we make a home!

Dm         Bb      F        C
*Safe and warm,..(safe and worm)

Dm         Bb      F        C
We sheltered from the storm

Dm         Bb      F        C
(so happy together)
When we make a home together,..love

Gm              C
will last forever!

F (E)
Now,.. our love is young,..(hoo!!hoo)

Dm          C
facing the unknown (forever more)

Bb          Am           Dm
but we'll find joy together,..

Gm           C         F
when we make a home!

F F (E)

( A lovely home!!!hoo!!hoo)

F (E)
When our hearts are one,..

Dm          C
Though our minds are two

Bb          Am           Dm
when we can cherish everyday,..

Gm           C
And fill our lives with laughter!

F (E)
We will dance and sing,..

Dm          C
in the setting sun

Bb          Am           Dm
we're make a home together,..

Gm           C         F
when our hearts are one!
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Published : 2017-07-20 11:04:44

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