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Bbmaj7  Amaj7  Abmaj7  Fm7  Bb7

[Verse 1]~
  Ebaug                    Fdim
The sun is nearly gone,.. the lights are turning on

G7                                Ebmaj7
A silver shine that stretches to the sea!

  Ebaug                    Fdim
We stumbled on a view that's tailored made for two

G7                               Ebmaj7
What a shame those two are you and me!

   Fm7             Bb7
Some other girl and guy

    Ebmaj7              C7
Would love this swirling sky

         Fm7          Bb7
But theres only you and I

  Ebmaj7     G7
And we've got no shot!

Abmaj7          Bb7
This could never be

      Gm7              C7
You're not the type for me (Really..?)

   Fm7            Bb7
And not a spark in sight

Ebmaj7  Fm7        Bb7     Eb     Am7  D7
What a,.. waste of a lovely night!

[Verse 2]~
  Gaug                           Adim
You say there's nothing here,.. well let's make something clear,..

  B7                               Gmaj7
I think I'll be the one to make that call (But,.. you'll call..?)

   Gaug                             Adim
And though you looked so cute in your polyester suit (It's wool)

       B7                             Gmaj7
You're right,.. I'd never fall for you at all!

   Am7           D7
And maybe this appeals

Gmaj7            Em7
To someone not in heels

     Am7           D7
Or to any girl who feels

      Gmaj7               B7
There's some chance for romance

Cmaj7                   D7               Cmaj7
But I'm frankly feeling nothing (Is that so..?)

                        D7               Cmaj7          D7
Or it could be less than nothing (Good to know! So you agree..?)

             Em7               Am7     D7
That's right,.. what a waste of a lovely night!

Gaug   Adim   B7     Gmaj7
Gaug   Adim   B7     Gmaj7
Am7    D7     Gmaj7  E7
Am7    D7     Gmaj7  B7

Am7    D7     Em7    E7
Am7    D7     G      B7
Cmaj7  D7     Cmaj7  D7
Cmaj7  D7     Em7    D7/F#
G6     D7
Aaug   Bdim   C#7    Amaj7
Aaug   Bdim   C#7    Amaj7
Bm7    E7     Amaj7  F#7
Bm7    E7     Amaj7  C#7
Bm7    E7     Amaj7  F#7
Bm7    E7     Amaj7  C#7
Dmaj7  E7     Dmaj7  E7
Dmaj7  E7     Dmaj7  E7
Dmaj7  E7

Aaug   Bdim   C#7    E6    A

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