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B  B  B  B

[Verse 1]~
B    F# B F#sus4  E         F#sus4      F#
Rock of a-ges,.. cleft for me!

B    F# B    F#sus4  E      F#sus4
Hide me now,.. my refuge be!

G#m     F#    E
Let the water and the blood

G#m       F#      B/D#       E
From your wounded side which flowed,..

G#m    F#      B/D#   E
Be for sin the double cure!

B                   F#sus4    B     F#    B
Cleanse me from its guilt and power!

[Verse 2]~
B   F#  B F#sus4  E     F#sus4      F#
Not the labors of my hands

B   F# B    F#sus4  E     F#sus4
Can fulfill your law’s demands!

G#m     F#    E
Could my zeal no respite know,..

G#m       F#      B/D# E
Could my tears forever flow,..

G#m    F#      B/D#   E
All for sin could not atone;

B                  F#sus4  B   F#  B
You must save,.. and You alone!

[Verse 3]~
B F#    B  F#sus4  E    F#sus4      F#
Nothing in my hand I bring,..

B  F#  B  F#sus4  E     F#sus4
Simply to your cross I cling;

G#m   F#      E
Naked come to You for dress;

G#m      F       B/D#    E
Helpless look to You for grace,..

G#m        F#     B/D#  E
Stained by sin to You I cry!

B               F#sus4  B   F#  B
Wash me,.. Savior or I die!

[Verse 4]~
B     F# B    F#sus4  E        F#sus4      F#
While I draw this fleeting breath;

B    F# B  F#sus4  E          F#sus4
When my eyelids close in death;

G#m    F#      E
When I soar to realms unknown,..

G#m   F#       B/D#     E
Bow before the judgment throne,..

G#m     F#     B/D#   E
Hide me now my refuge be;

B             F#sus4    B   F#   B
Rock of ages,.. cleft for me!

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