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Bb F Bb

[Verse 1]
Bb                                      F
One more cup of coffee, one more cigarette
Bb                                                  F
One more look at things I've done, I wish I never did
If peace is what I'm after I'm going nowhere fast
      F                                Bb
And I must be holding this map upside down
        F    Bb                F Bb F
I need somethin' that feels solid

[Verse 2]
  Bb                                                    F
They live on the ceiling when the tail lights fade to black
  Bb                                                          F
And it isn't in the leaving, it's in the way they don't look back
What good are second chances, when the habit's in your blood
    F                                          Bb
What good is freedom when you can't see your way out
        F    Bb                C    F
I need something, that feels solid, now


Dm7              Bb
Give me something stronger
    F            C
But only what I need
Dm7          Bb
Hold me under water
F            C
Send me out to sea
Dm7              Bb
Give me something stronger
  F            C
But only what I need
Dm7          Bb
Hold me under water
  F            C
Send me out to sea
  Dm7        Bb
Cos' I need somethin'
Dm7            Bb
Yeah I need somethin'

[Verse 3]
                Bb                                F
More than one more cup of coffee, one more cigarette
To show me what's worth starting
To show me when to quit
There's safety in distraction, so I took what I could find
F                            Bb
Any little thing to hold me down

    F    Bb
I need somethin'
  F      Bb
Yeah I need somethin'
  F          Bb                  C    F
Oh I need somethin', that feels solid now
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